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Cordless Mouse

The cordless mouse is an accessory that is becoming more popular for computer and laptop users. Many consumers are attracted to the cordless mouse because they allow users to move the mouse freely, without having to think about wire length or other hindrances. The cordless mouse comes in many different shapes and designs. The cordless mouse is often coupled with a cordless keyboard in order to provide users with what is commonly referred to as a cordless desktop. This article seeks to provide information on features and buying tips for purchasing your cordless mouse.

Variations of the Cordless Mouse

There are three kinds of mice used for computers. These are track ball mice, optical mice, and laser mice. The cordless mouse usually comes in only optical or laser technology. Both the optical and laser mice provide smooth movement, but laser mice are much more accurate than optical mice. Optical mice are good for everyday-use, while laser mice are often used for gaming, graphical production, and computer design. When purchasing your cordless mouse, be sure to choose the kind of mouse that suits your needs.

There are two kinds of wireless technology used for different cordless mouse types. First is RF (radio frequency) technology, which offers 2 meters reception. Secondly, there is Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth cordless mouse is effective for up to 10 meters in distance. Depending on the kind of cordless mouse you purchase, your cordless mouse may run on normal batteries or rechargeable power sources. The rechargeable cordless mouse can usually be charged on the receiver of the mouse, which is connected to the computer.

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